JCI akan menyelenggarakan Public Speaking Championship. Acara ini akan digelar Sabtu (24/4). Peserta dapat memilih salah satu tema berikut ini:

  1. The global struggle for survival is not natural, but man-made, and can be eradicated.
  2. Sustainable development begins with individuals taking action, starting with the implementation of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.
  3. Improving sanitation does more to increase the human life span than any type of medication or medical procedure.
  4. Responsible production and consumption is an obligation of businesses and individuals in order to advance global development
  5. Discrimination, poverty and lack of equal opportunities for all citizens restrict economic growth.
  6. Peace will only be achieved when those who believe its possible take action to create peaceful communities
  7. The best solution to the global refugee and migrant crisis is not to stop it, but to develop a long-term integration strategy so that immigrants strengthen the local economy and society.

Public Speaking Championship

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