English Diploma Program

English, until the present day, has been the global language for communication. More than two billion people use English to communicate with others verbally. Even, over half of the Internet’s contents are written English. In international business, English is the most commonly used language; and therefore, having good communication skills in English is a valuable capital to prepare for the global competition. These are the main reasons why English Diploma Program proudly offers a comfortable learning environment.

This program equips students not only with English for general use, but also with English for specific purposes; such as English for Public Relations, English for Journalism, English for Business, English for Tourism, and Translation.

Established in 1999, the English Diploma Program has produced professional graduates who are proficient to communicate in English, both spoken and written. The Program provides students with professional teaching staffs, graduated from both Indonesian and international universities to support and prepare students’ success. Besides, this Program also has some native speakers of English and practitioners. They are good resources who will share their valuable experiences with you.

Graduates with good English skills are in high demand of business industries, both national and international. For this reason, developing skills in English is again an excellent investment of future success. The graduates of this Program has won lots of different employment opportunities, both in government and private sectors. They are now pursuing their  career in professional large companies, foreign affairs and trade, immigration office, NGOs, and media industries. Many of them are also enjoying their professions as translators, interpreters, announcers, some other excellent jobs.