Universitas Sebelas Maret was established on March 11, 1976, legal basis for its establishment is Kep Pres No. 10 / 1976. At that time this was the name of College of the State University of Surakarta Sebelas Maret to become the Sebelas Maret University abbreviated UNS consisting of 9 Faculty of including the Faculty of Literature and Culture. At its inception, UNS is the integration between the State Teacher Training Institute Surakarta, AAN, STO, PTPN and a number of Colleges in Surakarta.

Based Kep. Pres. No. 55 Th. 1982 Faculty of Arts and Culture transformed into the Faculty of Literature. Faculty of Arts is one of the faculty of the nine faculties at the University of March. University Faculty of March consists of five courses namely:

  1. Regional Literature Department
  2. Indonesian Literature Department
  3. English Department
  4. Fine Arts Department
    • Fine Arts Studies Program
    • Art Craft Studies Program
    • Visual Communications Design Studies Program
    • Interior Design Studies Program
  5. History Department

With the publication of Decree of the Minister of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia Number: 156/0/2002 dated August 13, 2002 on Amendments to the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 0201/0/1995 on Organization and Work Procedure March Eleven University, Faculty of Letters of March changed its name to Faculty of Literature and Fine Arts Sebelas Maret University has education programs:

  1. S3 Program – Translation Studies Program (Postgraduate Program UNS)
  2. S2 Program – Applied Linguistics Studies Program (Postgraduate Program UNS)
  3. S1 Program – Regular :
    • Regional Literature Department (Java)
    • Indonesian Literature Department
    • English Department
    • History Department
    • Fine Arts Department
    • Interior Design Department
    • Visual Communications Design Department
    • Art Craft / Textile Department
  4. S1 Program – Non Regular English Department
  5. D3 Program :
    • Business Travel Studies Program (UPW)
    • English Studies Program
    • Visual Communications Design Studies Program
    • Chinese Language Studies Program

Based on the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 82 of 2014 finally governance of the Faculty of Literature and Arts UNS changed and adjusted based on scientific domains respectively to the Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Art and Design UNS. This change would impact on the structuring and adjustment to touch the academic aspect, for example, and non academic curriculum, for example, the arrangement of non-faculty employees.

Hopefully, with the governance changes, the respective faculty will be able to develop themselves, productively in response to new thinking and active role in the development, gave birth to new findings in the field of technology and art that can be used to solve problems in the community and build a life lebhih well.

Governance changes also give space to the Faculty of Humanities UNS to be a healthy organization that ensures the implementation of the ministry a good, efficient, effective, holding pripsip relevance, accountability and internal transparency.

Faculty of Cultural Sciences has 8 Studies Program, consisting of 5 Bachelor Degree and 3 Diploma Degree, namely:

  1. S1 Regional Literature Studies Program (Java)
  2. S1 Indonesian Literature Studies Program
  3. S1 English Literature Studies Program
  4. S1 History Studies Program
  5. S1 Arabic Literature Studies Program
  6. D3 English Language Studies Program
  7. D3 Business Travel Studies Program (UPW)
  8. D3 Chinese Language Studies Program