History Department

The History Department was established in 1976. The coverage of the studies is focused on the history and the present situation of Indonesian society and culture, which includes the ethnics, languages, religions, and other social values and norms. While the main focus is on the Indonesian culture, especially Javanese, the History Department also has some scholars specializing in the history of Asia and Pacific, Europe, and America.

Students are encouraged to do extensive library research, working with much literature and archive, so that they can dig up more knowledge and more historical findings that are valuable for the civilization in the future.

The studies on the urban culture, for example, are conducted not only to explore the events in the past, but also to figure out the map urban society at that time so that our scholars can identify the ecological changes of the society.

Highly valuable, reliable and authentic historical resources are made available for the students to assist them with their study and research in the university. The extensive archives from the colonial era, newspapers and magazines dating way back before the country’s independence as well as antique archives in the form of micro-film or micro-fisch, are all endless valuable resources to conduct such explorations.

In order to become an internationally recognized, advanced, excellent and trusted institution in the timeless study of history, the department administers an education system that encourages students and scholars to develop independence in carrying out researches and studies that engage the community for the betterment of the society.

Graduates of the History Department can look forward to a wide range of recognized career opportunities in historical research, government and archiving agencies.